Saturday, July 12, 2008

It’s been a century of bad foreign policy

by Kenneth Emmel, Wahpeton, N.D.

We were attacked on 9/11 because of our government’s foreign policy. That’s the truth, which many people don’t want to admit. Our government’s outrageous foreign policy over the past 100 years – arming belligerents, provoking attacks, taking sides in every foreign conflict, bombing civilians – has caused a colossal amount of unnecessary suffering in the world. We’ve had a bunch of lying, conniving, treasonous, murderous, criminal leaders for too many years, yet voters continue to elect and support more of the same.

While keeping us constantly at war, maintaining an empire overseas and practicing hegemony, these same disgusting leaders continue to allow our country to be overrun by millions of Third Worlders, invading and occupying our country as sure as any army. Our country is bulging at the seams from overpopulation, stressing our resources, our environment and our infrastructure, and still our leaders keep bringing in more and more immigrants, primarily from the Third World. Most of them are here illegally, living off forged documents and stolen identities.

All of the wars our country has fought have been in vain. Our country has become all the things we were told we had to fight wars to prevent. We’re living in a police state, as our constitutional rights are constantly violated. While our leaders continue to police the world, forcing their will on other countries and meddling in everyone’s foreign affairs, they at the same time continue to allow the invasion of illegals across our southern border, bringing their crime and all their problems with them, changing our very culture. Our politicians in Washington are putting together an amnesty program for illegals, which will bring us tens of millions more Third World criminals, compounding the overwhelming problem.

Get ready for more war and more misery as our worthless leaders keep bringing more problems to our shores, inviting more attacks upon us, squandering our nation’s treasure, trampling our Constitution and driving our country into further destruction.

Nothing is going to change. Things will only continue to grow worse. Our beautiful democracy, meticulously assembled by our thoughtful forefathers, has been hijacked by special interests, leading us down the road to destruction.

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