Saturday, September 6, 2008

As Found on the VetVoice Blog:

McCain's Service

McCain and his supporters demonize his critics. McSame has used his Vietnam experience as banner to get what he wants. He offers it up because he has nothing else to offer. No support for Veterans' issues.
He's an adulterer. A conservanazi Christian pandering adulterer and a liar.
Even if he spent 20 years in prison in North Vietnam and made the propaganda statements he made, that' no excuse for his moral failings. His woman stayed and raised his children and waited for her hero's return. Waited. She had the audacity to honor her pledge to God.
He couldn't.
I can't vote for him because he's another pandering hypocrite. He want's the presidency BAD. He's given up all his dignity because Caribou Barbie was not his choice. The hard core Christian right picked her.
Then, to add insult to injury, he neglects to credit the military and it's warriors and veterans for service in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is not the war of the "true believers" of the conservanazi PNAC crowd. They wanted to attack Iraq, where they have failed.
Hang on, boys, if things go bad in Iraq (I believe it will), the conservanazi republikan 'true believers' will blame the Veterans for it's failure.
That's what a lot of "true believers" do about Vietnam. I've heard it more than once from one of my fellow "citizens' ," the reason we lost and failed in Vietnam (Iraq, Afghanistian) is because of people like me."
The idiots like Karl Rove will trash you to make their poliitcal stooge look like a great man.
I wouldn't vote for McSame if he was the only person on the ticket.
He's the worse kind of war "hero". He's used his service to line his pockets.

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag carrying a cross." Sinclair Lewis

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