Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Support swells for Indict Bush bus ad

Dear Jeff,

The Indict Bush bus ad campaign has been enthusiastically welcomed by supporters from coast to coast. Thanks to their generous contributions, we are closer than ever to bringing the Indict Bush bus ads to Washington, D.C.!

We are at a critical juncture—and your generous donation can make all the difference.

We are almost there ... but we can't do it without you. Make a donation today to help us raise an additional $20,000 in the coming week!

Our goal is to buy 10 bus ads for bus routes operating in the Capitol Hill and White House area. We are also planning to place ads at bus stops.

Each day brings a new shocking revelation. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the FBI illegally collected thousands of U.S. telephone records during the Bush administration, invoking fabricated "terrorism emergencies" or persuading phone companies to provide information.

The top-level officials behind these criminal policies must be brought to justice. The Indict Bush bus ad campaign will raise the demands of our movement to a new level.

All over Washington, D.C., people will see our message. National and international media. Every representative and senator on the Hill. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the other attorneys at the Department of Justice. President Obama.

Congress is now back in session. Supporters across the country are reaching deep into their pockets to bring the demands of our movement to the heart of the nation's capital. This is the final stretch—Help us cross the finish line!

Become a part of this grassroots campaign by making a generous donation now!

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