Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Fear of our National Security that is being placed in front of our faces on every news channel by the people with high interests is all an illusion. ALL created to generate public support for their false cause. Remember the Lusitania? The Ship that was sent into the original World War I war-zone despite German Warning that by doing so they would most likely be torpedoed. The ship went anyway and in turn was sunk. After that the United States was all for War. This happened due to Woodrow Wilson being elected with the dirty money of banks wanting to issue a FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM; completely independent from the United States Government and EXACTLY THE SAME REASON THAT WE DECLARED INDEPENDENCE from England. Wilson regretted this decision, for he essentially sold us ALL into Slavery. If you don’t know about this incident please learn. Money for War sold at interest to create debt. Debt=Slavery. Almost all of our Income Tax (unconstitutional) goes to pay the interest on worthless paper not even backed by gold.

FDR, from a long family of bankers, knew the dirty secrets of the banks and their involvement with Black Tuesday and welcomed it. With war comes new jobs and with another Lusitania (Pearl Harbor). Now the high interest groups could send us into yet another War. More money needed for War= more debt at the cost of American Lives.

Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin. Proven to be a Lie only to have the Southeast Asia Resolution passed. This in turn led to Involvement in Vietnam… prolonged involvement never meant to end…. for $$$. Not to fight communists, but the perceived "Bad Guys." 61,191(source Wikipedia) of our BROTHERS died as a result.

9/11 is no different than these previous incidents; STAGED to build public interest and fear. It makes me sick that we as a people cannot see or do not care WHO IS BEHIND THE CURTIAN. How many more of us are they going to kill to reach their agenda? How much more fear will we let these PUBLIC SERVANTS pipe through a television telling us WHO we should destroy because they are a threat. In a One World Nation, questions like these will dub you as a Terrorist of the State.

Please AMERICA! Do not let us get into another War. Fight these Forces to end this greed driven war for The Elite that we fought our Revolution against.

We need to realize that we are more alike than different, and WE CAN live together without fear.

Call me whatever you want but there are forces working against us and when the day comes that the Dept. of Homeland Security breaks down your door(as the Gestapo did), arrests you without knowing your charges, detained indifferently without consult of a lawyer, and legal torture; you MY FELLOW AMERICANS are now welcomed to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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