Thursday, November 15, 2007


Blackwater mercenaries are STILL in Iraq. Two months ago the prime minister of Iraq demanded the removal of Blackwater and the persecution of the U.S. government hired murderers. In spite of the conclusions of investigations of the September 16th murders of unarmed Iraqi citizens by Blackwater mercenaries, Blackwater continues to do business in Iraq, paid by the U.S. government. It would seem the Iraqi government has no legitimacy in its own country. The Blackwater mercenary murderers are likely to go unpunished for their crimes.

Rudy G is still running for president. Why anyone would support this lying sack of turd, I cannot imagine. A president Rudy would be worse than the current worst president ever.

Our congress continues to betray the American people by passing funding bills to maintain Bush's war of terror in Iraq. I sincerely hope my grandchildren will be able to recover from this debacle.

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