Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain does not support farm bills

by Lee Okeson

I was born, raised and educated in North Dakota. To this day I have family, friends and economic connections within the state. With dismay, I note that the state is in the red (John McCain) category on the national maps showing voter preferences for presidential candidates.
It is said that voters generally do not vote for what would be in their best interest. This would seem to be the case here. McCain has not been in support of farm program bills in the Senate. North Dakota is one of the largest recipients, nationally, of benefits from these bills. Also, McCain has consistently voted in opposition to ethanol proposals.

North Dakota has maintained strong Democratic representation in the national legislature. It has long supported and protected the State Bank and State Mill, which date back to the time of the Nonpartisan League. Now is the time to keep in mind what is best for the people in the state.

North Dakota voters are urged to vote for Barack Obama for president. It is in their, and the nation’s, best interest to do so.

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