Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The real Gov. Palin as told by Alaskans

by K.S. Collins Palmer, Alaska

I was born in Fargo, raised in a small farm town and attended Moorhead State. I'm currently an Alaskan (23-plus years). One of the amenities that I treasure most about small-town living is that a person's word better be good, because if it isn't, everyone in town will know. I know that Gov. Sarah Palin is a liar, and so do many others:
Alaskan Republican pundit Paul Jenkins wrote, "The two axioms to remember about Palin are these: The rules do not apply to her, and she is an opportunist always looking for buses with lots of room underneath, lots of room for all the political bodies."

Per Alaska's Rush Limbaugh, Dan Fagan: "No politician is so popular and charismatic that they should be above accountability and telling the truth. Not even Sarah Palin."

Fairbanks retired school Principal R.D. Levno says, "She's a child, inexperienced and simplistic. It's taking us back to junior high school. She's one of the popular girls, but one of the mean girls. She is seductive, but she is invented."

From an Anchorage Daily News Oct. 14 editorial: "Her response (Troopergate) is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian. In plain English, she did something 'unlawful.' She broke the state ethics law. Gov. Palin, read the report. It says you violated the ethics law."

I ask all of you to seek out the truth and ask yourselves: Since when is lying an appropriate practice in either church or state?


Kevin said...

How big is K.S. Collins' government check?

JD said...

As you can very well see, he did not state this.