Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Please, no more liars in the White House

By Richard Hasenauer


It is time again to elect another president. The vast majority of us can agree we will be happy to get rid of George W. Bush. Why do we dislike Bush? The one big reason I despise our president and current vice president is because they lied to us. They misled us into a war. How should this affect our decisions this Nov. 4?

Certainly we all can agree that John McCain and Sarah Palin have stretched the truth to gain some political advantage. The same is true of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. But in case you missed it, McCain was supposed to be a guest on David Letterman, and then canceled to rush back to Washington. He made a public statement to the same effect, suspending his campaign to help solve the economic crisis. His sense of urgency sounded sincere.

Did he rush back to Washington? No. He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in New York doing other interviews, then spoke the next morning at the Clinton Global Initiative. Then he managed to make it Washington.

As far as the economic crisis is concerned, he painstakingly spent a few hours with his colleagues for some photo ops. He threatened to not debate because of the crisis, yet he had time to do an interview with NBC. My point: McCain might be a patriot, but he is a bold-faced liar. He told all Americans that this crisis was so urgent that he needed to suspend his campaign. Then it turns out he didn’t even spend more than a few hours working on the problem.

McCain is a liar. Bush and Cheney are liars. We know what happens when we have bold-faced liars in the White House.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like this year we are able to choose our candidate not only by his policies, but by thinking, is he a lesser liar. So, voters, defend your choice - who is competing honorably, and who is a bigger liar - Obama or McCain? http://www.votetheday.com/americas-20/presidential-candidates-bigger-liar-282