Thursday, January 1, 2009

Raoul's New Years Message to the Decider..

from Raoul's Blog:

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bid you farewell, George. I, personally, owe you a thank you for a couple of things, one of which is to confirm EVERYTHING I ever suspected about organized religion in this country. The religious nuts parading around as Christians marched blindly behind you except for a brave few souls who had the guts to stand up to your criminal activities. I can’t really blame the masses per se since they were led by the biggest snake oil salespeople in the world – the clergy.

I’d always stayed away from organized denominations and churches after a very early foray into all of it after coming into the Light so to speak so many years ago. But after a short while I realized any organization simply could not match up to the living God and the true meaning of the Gospel message. You merely confirmed this for me especially when you’d referred to Jesus as ‘your favorite philosopher’. You’re probably too stupid to realize the blasphemy you uttered by comparing Him to Karl Mark, Bertrand Russell, Plato, and all of the rest of the human people who taught nothing more than ‘views’ about life, metaphysics, and all that is related to those concepts. But the sheep went into a collective orgasm when you uttered that garbage. They didn’t know that Karl Rove was the one who put you up to it.

Another thing I am grateful for is that you have shown why Republicans should NEVER be in charge of anything ESPECIALLY government. I suppose they serve some kind of purpose as an opposition party but that’s about it. All the Republicans know how to do is say no to any program that helps the regular American especially poor people. It’s amazing how religious nut jobs in your party can actually equate stinginess and greed with Christianity! During the past 8 years you, along with the other members of the ‘Jaysus juice’ crowd as I call them, have demonstrated to the world the danger of having religious nuts in power. Can anyone who watched the Monica Goodling testimony before Congress doubt what I just said? Looking into her cold, dead eyes while she admitted to committing crimes in the Justice Department gave me chills. And when she said she didn’t mean to do what she’d been accused of doing, it would have been funny had she not destroyed the careers of so many dedicated workers.

I wish I could say I’m shocked at the state of our economy, our relations with other countries, the fear on Wall Street, etc. But I’m not, George because unlike so many people I took the time to study you back when you were ruining Texas as its governor. One of my sources was the late Molly Irvin who described you as being ‘snake bit’. That’s a term for someone who turns everything he touches into shit. She was being kind with her term but I’m a lot harsher in my description of you George.

You see, George, you’re a typical fuck up – someone who would normally be the town drunk or bully if he hadn’t been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You remind me of some fuck ups I’ve had to work with in the military, private sector, and government. Instead of just hiding in a corner and quietly taking their paycheck each week or month, they’d get in the way of the real workers and screw up whatever they did. Some of them even thought they were leaders! They, like you, were hardly anything of the sort and were regarded with the same contempt that we have for you.

Let’s face it George – the only way you were able to hold the office you’re going to vacate was because you literally stole it with the help of the Supreme Court. Those of us who despise you will never forget what really happened 8 years ago. The illegal invasion of Iraq, along with everything else you’ve failed at merely reinforced our view that you were unfit to be our president.

I used to hope that you would have gotten what you really deserve once you left office – a prison cell. But on further reflection I think a more appropriate punishment is the one you are under right now. You’ve disappeared from society; people have ignored you including your own party which ran from you during this election year. Even many of the right wing blogs have stopped writing anything about you. It’s as though you don’t exist and in a way you don’t now that a REAL leader will be taking over in a few weeks. You’ve become so pathetic that you now hide behind your equally inept partner, your wife who has become your public fan, spinning bullshit like you used to do.

The election proved your legacy beyond a shadow of a doubt. You’re a pathetic loser George who will go down in history as the worse president we were ever cursed with. Perhaps that’s an accomplishment you can brag about because it will be the ONLY one you’ve ever had..

Posted by raoul at Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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