Saturday, January 10, 2009

U.S. support for Israel makes us terrorist target

by garypatrickgarry

To be honest, it is getting increasingly difficult for me to comment on the news of the day, because we are living in an absurd paradigm that is constructed around intentional lies and distortions of fact, but I will continue to do and say what I can to shed some light and share some simple observations that you won’t read in the mainstream media.

As you might imagine, there is a lot of anger on the streets right around now in reaction to the Israel genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The Arab world is obviously outraged, and mass protests have taken place here in the States as well. Our voices fall on deaf ears in Washington, however, because we live in an oligarchy, not a democracy, and our government, riddled with dual Israeli/American citizens, might just as well be that of the Zionist state of Israel. This is one of the things that makes opining on politics these days difficult. We have a make-believe democracy and a one-world government, so there is the blue pill version of things, and the red pill version. I’m trying to slice through the middle.

Israel is a Jewish state. That is kind of weird to me, but that’s the way they want it. I was taught in grade school that one of the primary reasons that “our forefathers,” as they say (ask a black person how they feel about that term) fought the American Revolution was to gain freedom of religion. For a state to have a foundational structure that revolves around adherence to a particular religion is something that America would logically find to be unsavory, antithetical to its own national ethos, and perhaps even dangerous and prone to ethnic cleansing. However, since all Jews can immediately become citizens of Israel merely because of their religion via the “Law of Return,” there is a swinging door between European and American Jewry and the Zionist state of Israel, so citizens of Israel wield considerable influence across these borders.

The unique nature of Israel as a “Jewish state” creates a dynamic where people who are native citizens of a particular country can also easily obtain Israeli citizenship. This is a dangerous arrangement and we are seeing the result of it right now as Israel enjoys the unmitigated support of the United States as a horrified world bears witness to their barbaric acts of genocidal ethnic cleansing.

As I have written in this space previously, the invasion of Iraq was drawn up by the neo-conservatives of The Project for the New American Century long before 9/11. Under Bush in the run-up to the Iraq war, dual Israeli American citizens from PNAC had almost complete control of military policy. Let me make this very clear: our military is being directed by people who call Israel their home.

It is interesting to note that, though all Israeli citizens must serve in the military, Jewish folk here in America seem to feel a different sense of loyalty. As of 2003, 2 tenths of one percent of American military personnel were Jewish, and one tenth of one percent of Marines are Jewish.

The “War on Terror” is essentially the United States using her sons and daughters, and her depleted treasury, to do Israel’s bidding in the Middle East while simultaneously giving Israel more foreign aid dollars than any other country. Do you think that Israel is the nation on this globe that needs foreign aid more than any other? Half of the people in the world are living on less than two dollars and fifty cents a day!. None of these people are Israelis living in Israel.

So now we are back to the point where it is hard to discuss current affairs, because on the one hand, I can feign outrage at our elected officials being incompetent or corrupt, but I already know that they have been bought and sold by Israeli interests, so how can I act surprised? How can I call for an investigation? How can I ask for justice? How can I demand that We The People, even those 99% of us who aren’t Jewish, be given a real voice?

Take from all of this what you will, but the point I’m trying to make is this: we are a target of terrorists because of the fact that America has, in a very real sense, become an Israeli colony. There are virtually no truly objective observers anywhere in the world who support the Israeli slaughter of the Palestinians. The American media propagandizes the facts and deludes the public into equating Arabs in general with terrorism and 911, making it seem to the simple-minded as though Israel and America are fighting a shared enemy. But that is not the case. Our shores are not now nor have they ever been threatened by any Arab country.

When you consider the threat of terrorism, realize that Israel’s incursion into Gaza and subsequent genocidal slaughter is making you and me less safe. Are you willing to be a target so that Israel can take every last inch of that land? Israel’s actions create untold numbers of potential terrorists minute by minute as yet another son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, or grandparent is killed or maimed. What would you be capable of if someone killed your mother or your child? How about if the same people killed hundreds of your neighbors and extended family, or thousands, over the years?

I for one feel as though I do not want to be less safe so that Israel can impose its will on the destitute Palestinians. I don’t want to be bankrupt largely due to fighting foreign wars in Israel’s behalf, and I don’t want to see my fellow citizens killed and traumatized while fighting for the interests of Israel. I have no inherent aversion to the idea of an “Israel,” but let them make their own way. We should be neutral as a nation in regards to the affairs of Israel and exert diplomatic and economic pressure to address our own interests in the region.

Let’s keep it real and recognize the scam that is being run here. And may a movement of Jews around the world separate themselves from this insipid maneuvering at the expense of 99% of the American people so we can know who our real friends are as a new paradigm forms, and believe me, form it will.

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